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Best Kedjenou Chicken in New Jersey 2024

In the vibrant culinary mosaic of New Jersey, a dish that has captivated the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts is Kedjenou Chicken. Originating from the Ivory Coast, this cherished dish stands as a culinary beacon, inviting diners on a flavorful journey into the heart of West African cuisine. Kedjenou Chicken, known for its tender, slow-cooked perfection and richly spiced sauce, is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of tradition, culture, and the art of Ivorian cooking.

At La Braise African Grill, we are proud to bring this authentic taste of the Ivory Coast to New Jersey, offering an unforgettable dining experience that highlights the depth and diversity of African culinary heritage. Join us as we delve into the origins, preparation, and unparalleled taste of the best Kedjenou Chicken in New Jersey, meticulously prepared to offer a genuine slice of West African flavor right here in the heart of our vibrant state.

The Origins of Kedjenou Chicken

The Origins of Kedjenou Chicken

Kedjenou Chicken is not just a dish; it’s a vibrant reflection of Ivorian culture and the culinary ingenuity of the Ivory Coast. This beloved staple, whose name translates to “shaking” in Baoulé, hints at its unique cooking method where the pot is shaken, not stirred, to prevent the chicken from sticking, all while ensuring it cooks evenly in its own juices and spices. Traditionally prepared in a canari (an earthenware pot) over an open fire, Kedjenou is a testament to the simplicity and richness of Ivorian cuisine. This method seals in flavors, tenderizing the chicken to perfection, and infuses it with the hearty, spicy essence of its ingredients. The dish embodies the communal spirit of Ivorian meals, often shared from a single pot, symbolizing unity and togetherness. As we bring Kedjenou Chicken to New Jersey through La Braise African Grill, we honor these traditions, inviting diners to experience the warmth and communal joy that this dish brings to every Ivorian celebration.

Key Ingredients and Preparation Techniques

Key Ingredients and Preparation Techniques of Kedjenou Chicken

The allure of Kedjenou Chicken lies not just in its flavorsome outcome but in the meticulous preparation and blend of key ingredients that define its essence. At its core, Kedjenou Chicken is a symphony of carefully selected natural spices, fresh vegetables, and succulent chicken, all slow-cooked in a sealed earthenware pot, known as a “canari,” over a gentle fire. This traditional method ensures that the chicken absorbs the rich array of flavors while maintaining its tenderness and moisture.

The dish begins with the chicken, ideally free-range, cut into generous pieces to capture the full depth of the spices. A marinade of crushed ginger, garlic, and a blend of Ivorian spices, including the fiery African bird’s eye chili, infuses the chicken with an intense flavor profile. To this, sliced onions, ripe tomatoes, and diced bell peppers are added, contributing sweetness and a slight tang that balances the heat of the spices. A crucial ingredient is the garden egg (African eggplant), which adds a unique texture and absorbs the surrounding flavors.

As the Kedjenou simmers slowly in its traditional pot, the ingredients meld together, creating a rich, spicy sauce that envelops the tender chicken. Unlike other cooking methods, the pot is sealed tightly, often with banana leaves, allowing the dish to cook in its own steam. This technique not only preserves the nutrients but also intensifies the flavors, resulting in a dish that is both nourishing and profoundly satisfying.

Understanding and appreciating the care that goes into preparing Kedjenou Chicken enhances the dining experience, allowing one to savor each bite with a deeper sense of connection to the Ivorian culinary tradition. At La Braise African Grill, we honor these traditional techniques and ingredients, bringing the authentic taste of Kedjenou Chicken to New Jersey with a commitment to quality and authenticity that is evident in every mouthful.

Health Benefits of Kedjenou Chicken

Health Benefits of Kedjenou Chicken

The health benefits of Kedjenou Chicken go beyond its delicious taste, offering a wealth of nutritional advantages that make it a standout choice for those seeking both flavor and wellness. Here’s a deeper look into why Kedjenou Chicken is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a boon for your health:

Rich in Protein: As a dish centered around chicken, Kedjenou provides a high level of protein, essential for muscle repair, growth, and overall body function. The lean protein found in chicken aids in maintaining muscle mass while supporting a healthy metabolism.

Low in Fat: The traditional preparation method of Kedjenou Chicken involves slow cooking the meat in its own juices, reducing the need for added fats or oils. This results in a lower fat content compared to fried or heavily sauced meats, making it a heart-healthy option.

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals: The assortment of vegetables and spices used in Kedjenou Chicken, such as tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers, contribute vitamins A and C, along with minerals like iron and potassium. These nutrients are crucial for immune health, vision, blood health, and maintaining electrolyte balance.

Antioxidant-rich: The spices in Kedjenou Chicken, including garlic, ginger, and turmeric, are known for their antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help combat oxidative stress in the body, reducing inflammation and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

Supports Digestive Health: The slow-cooked nature of Kedjenou Chicken ensures that the ingredients are tender and easier to digest. Additionally, the inclusion of fiber-rich vegetables supports digestive health, promoting regularity and a healthy gut microbiome.

By offering a balance of essential nutrients, Kedjenou Chicken stands as a testament to how traditional dishes can be both nourishing and flavorful. Its preparation and ingredients cater to a holistic approach to eating, where every bite not only satisfies culinary desires but also contributes to physical well-being.

Exploring the Taste of Ivory Coast in New Jersey

Exploring the Taste of Ivory Coast in New Jersey

The culinary landscape of New Jersey is a melting pot of global flavors, and within this diverse tableau, the taste of the Ivory Coast shines brightly through the traditional dish of Kedjenou Chicken. This fusion of Ivorian culinary traditions with New Jersey’s bounty of local ingredients crafts a unique and enriching dining experience that stands as a testament to the versatility and adaptability of West African cuisine.

Local chefs, particularly those at La Braise African Grill, skillfully weave the rich, bold flavors of Ivory Coast cooking with the fresh, high-quality produce and meats available in New Jersey. This harmonious blend not only preserves the authenticity of the Kedjenou Chicken but also elevates it with a touch of local character. Ingredients such as organically grown vegetables and free-range chicken are sourced from local farms, ensuring that every bite of Kedjenou Chicken offers a taste of both West African heritage and New Jersey’s agricultural richness.

This culinary adventure allows diners in New Jersey to embark on a flavorful journey to the Ivory Coast without leaving their state. It’s a celebration of cultural exchange and culinary innovation, where traditional Ivorian spices meet the garden state’s freshest ingredients, creating a Kedjenou Chicken that is both authentic to its roots and uniquely American in its embrace of local flavors. Through dishes like Kedjenou Chicken, La Braise African Grill and other local establishments are not just serving food; they’re bridging cultures, connecting communities, and enriching New Jersey’s culinary scene with the vibrant tastes of the Ivory Coast.

Discover Authentic Kedjenou Chicken at La Braise African Grill

Discover Authentic Kedjenou Chicken at La Braise African Grill

Nestled at 247 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081, La Braise African Grill stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, offering the most authentic Kedjenou Chicken in New Jersey. This esteemed restaurant is dedicated to bringing the traditional flavors of Ivory Coast cuisine to the forefront of the state’s diverse food scene. La Braise’s commitment to authenticity and quality is evident in every dish, making it the premier destination for anyone seeking to indulge in traditional Ivorian cuisine.

At La Braise African Grill, the culinary journey into the heart of Ivorian cuisine is made complete with the perfect pairings of traditional sides and beverages that elevate the Kedjenou Chicken experience to new heights. The dish itself, rich with spices and tender chicken, finds its perfect complement in the variety of sides offered, each selected to enhance and balance the robust flavors of the main course.


For an authentic taste of Kedjenou Chicken in New Jersey, La Braise African Grill stands unmatched. We invite you to experience the rich flavors and warm hospitality that define our restaurant. Visit us at 247 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ, or call 973 379 4188 to make a reservation. Discover why La Braise African Grill is your gateway to the culinary treasures of the Ivory Coast.

Kedjenou Chicken in New Jersey, La Braise African Grill

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17:39 13 Nov 23
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23:56 12 Nov 23
The best African food in town .
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05:39 01 Nov 23
Food, service, and atmosphere were all top notch. The owner and staff are passionate about what they do and it shows. The food is made fresh per order, presentation is immaculate, flavor is out of this world and vibes are always on point! Definitely coming back.
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21:48 13 Oct 23
I’m so happy I found this place. The food was amazing and the service very good. Definitely coming back !
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A legit African restaurant with amazing food and friendly service. I have come back many times and usually get the grilled branzino (fish), which comes with fried rice and unique set of condiments. Highly recommend.
22:26 24 Jul 23
The food is amazing. I had the grilled fish and enjoyed every bite of it! My son had the grilled chicken and he said that was the best chicken he ever had. Oh love the home-made juices, too! Karen is so sweet. Will absolutely come back again!
03:04 09 Jun 23
love the fish and the roasted chicken!! The chicken is so tender and juicy! And the fish is very fresh. The spicy sauce is perfect for them.
Amit SarkarAmit Sarkar
19:44 13 Mar 23
This is lovely restaurant serving west African food and is a great addition to the area. I have been here a few times. Karen , the owner is warm and friendly. She ensures that customers get served fresh dishes that are sumptuous with generous portions.We enjoyed a variety dishes the grilled Chicken , chicken on skewers, cassava, kedjenou ( chicken and vegetables soup) , fried plantains and yellow rice.I look forward to going again and checking out their other dishes. Would highly recommend this place.

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